Slaves, Commodities and Logistics

From januari 2017 to september 2018, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at FGW/CLUE+ on the NWO project “Slaves, Commodities and Logistics. The Direct and Indirect, the Immediate and Long-term Economic Impact of Eighteenth-century Dutch Republic Transatlantic Slave-based Activities”.

My postdoc-project focused on the Dutch role in shipping, financing and insurance related to the Atlantic slave-based economy. More information can be found on the website of NWO. The results are published in 3 academic journals and 1 article in OneWorld. Read my interview with Ad Valvas about this article here.

The project overall investigated two important claims about the gains of the Dutch economy from slave-based production and commerce in the Atlantic region. First, that the Atlantic slave-based commerce played an important role in keeping the Dutch economy afloat in the eighteenth century. Second, that eighteenth-century Dutch involvement in the Atlantic economy had important long-term effects on the Dutch economic performance in the field of finance, insurance and maritime logistics. This project therefore examined the direct and indirect, the immediate and long-term economic impact of eighteenth-century slave-based activities on the Dutch economy. As regards to the immediate effects, the project concentrated on estimating the contribution of value-added by the slavery-related Atlantic commerce, industry and finance to the Dutch economy in the eighteenth century.

107 - Zanggodin cropped

Authorisation of the Chamber of Insurance and General Average of the insurance of the slave ship the Zanggodin, 1770 (Stadsarchief Amsterdam, 5061: Archief van de Schout en Schepenen, bestanddeel 3011).