‘The Power of Racism and Class After the Abolition of Slavery: Explaining the Truck System on Plantations in Louisiana, 1865-1920’, (single guest lecture) during the course Social Construction of Whiteness (2017), Leiden University;

‘Slaves, commodities, and logistics’, (single guest lecture at Stadsarchief Amsterdam) during the course ‘History and Memory of Slavery and the Slave Trade’ (2017), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;

Bachelor thesis supervisor (2012-2014; 2017), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;

‘The truck system in Louisiana in comparative perspective’ (single guest lecture) during the course ‘Who build America’ (2013-2016), Radboud University Nijmegen;

‘The U.S. South, 1800-1970’ (course designed, 14 seminars and lectures) (2013-2014), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;

‘The United States in the 19th century’ (single lecture 2011-2014);

Global History 1500-2000 (12 seminars) (2011-2013), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;

‘French colonialism in North America, 1600-1800’ (single lecture 2012-2013), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam;

Academic Skills (AcVa) (14 seminars) (2012), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Karin Lurvink obtained her BKO certificate in 2014.